Do you like my art?

This is totally amazing!

Can someone please pinch my arm?
Is this happen to me? Again?
YES IT IS! *dancing around*

Yesterday I´ve been asked to join Rick St Dennis Elite Design Team.
He´s one of my absolutly favorite artist out there,
so of course I want to be in his team!

Take a look at Rick St Dennis ETSY SHOP.
The motives are really special and I love his way to draw.

There are two blogs of his EDT, and you can see them here:



And, don´t forget my other LOVELY assignments.

When I started with scrapbooking, I couldn´t even in my dreams think about to be a part of a design team. Not in Sweden, and not outside Sweden. But, there are people out there who really like what I´m doing, and it makes me so so happy. (Please, pinch my arm harder!)

There are so many companies out there and of course some of them became a little bit more close to my heart than others, and do you know what! Now I´m a part of their design team! How cool is´nt that! They want me! They PICKED me! Amazing! I can´t tell you how happy I am!

Vilda Stamps since 2010.
A Swedish stamp company where I have designed stamps, and I´m
the design team coordinator, blog mistress and a part of the design team.

Reprint since 2010.
A Swedish reseller company where I´m a part of the design team,
and soon I´m going to design stamps for them.

Mikaelas Scrap In since 2011.
A Swedish company who specializes in dies, stamps and papers.
I´m a part of the design team, and maybe in the future she will help me with some other things. 😉 Maybe.

ScrappWebb since 2012.
A scrapbooking store where I´m a part of the design team.
She don´t take just a few products from a company, she takes everything,
and have a big big store.

Scrapbutiken since 2013.
A scrapbooking store where I´m a part of the design team.
They have lots of fun scrapbooking materia.

Sweet Pea Stamps since 2012.
A stamp company that sells so beautiful rubberstamps and
digi stamps from lots of talented artists.
I´m a part of the design team.

Third Coast Rubberstamps since 2011.
A rubberstamp company where I´m a part of the design team.
They have plenty of stamps, and there is always something for all.

Simply Betty since 2013.
A stamp company with both rubber stamps, clear stamps and digi stamps where I´m a part of the SteamPunk challenge team. They have lots of different styles.

But now there will not be more companies,
I will put all my concentrating on the above.




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4 Responses to “This is totally amazing!”


Men så roligt och stort Grattis!!Riktigt mysigt att läsa din glädje

Reply by Milo Lilja, July 21st, 2013 at 02:29

Tack!! Ja, det är så himla roligt!! 🙂 kram


Congrats Milo, looking forward to work with you.

Reply by Milo Lilja, July 21st, 2013 at 02:30

Thanks you!! Looking forward to sorl with you!!’ 🙂
Hugs Milo <3

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