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Our wedding guestbook with a stamp on me and my wife

When I got married with my lovely wife Anna, 090909, we made lots
of stuff ourselves. I made this guestbook for the visitors to write in
at the wedding party.

As a present we got a stamp from Vilda Stamps with me and my wife.

The back of the guestbook. The stamp is from Third Coast.

Every paper inside the book looks like this.

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21 Responses to “Our wedding guestbook with a stamp on me and my wife”


Oh, fint album. Stämpeln e ju bara underbar! Sedan alla vackra detaljer såååå underbart fina!

Charlotta / La Vikinga

Oj vad fint – du måste vara en riktig snabbscrappare som hinner göra så mycket vackra saker! Eller kanske du jobbar halvtid…
Allt du gör ser så genomarbetat ut!



Sååå jäkla snygg. Helt sjukt underbar 🙂

Ha det gott o häls Anna.
Kram Maria


Ett underbart vackert minne för livet är er bröllops gäst bok!


Gooosh, jag tror jag tappar andan! 😯 Så sjukt snygg, många fina minnen som hamnar i den boken hoppas jag!! <3 <3 <3


Vilken jätte vacker minnesbok.
Med så mycket härliga detaljer!!


Milo this is so lovely! All the beautiful details, love the lacing and the distressed look of this book… just gorgeous! I have been married for over 35 years to my best friend and soul mate and I would marry him again! I wish you luck in your new life and hope that you remember to enjoy the journey… it is so worth it!
Crafty Hugs,


Vilken vacker minnesbok. Så coolt att ha en “EGEN” stämpel!


Vilken underbar bok och alla detaljer som bara passar perfekt till helheten!!


Vilken härlig bok! Vad kul att ha som minne!


Himmel va häftigt att kunna rita sig själva så där 😯
o ¨å ihop allt så bra det finns liksom inget som inte passar ihop

Elena F

Oh, My! I´ve never seen something like this before! Your personal stamps!; and is really!. Very pretty all; I want to say; sorry my poor english.

Reply by Milo Lilja, June 5th, 2013 at 20:00

Thank you so much! 🙂 you make me happy with your words.


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