Do you like my art?

Some of my storage

I will just show you how I store my stuff.
And please tell me, how did YOU store your stuff? Do you have some great ideas?

I store my papers like this. Some of them are sorted by companies, and the rest by colors.

I thinks it’s perfect to have the stickles like this. It’s easy to find the right color, and it didn’t take so much space on the table.

Here are my ribbons. I have put them on big rings, and I have sorted them by colors.

My metal charms are sorted in three colors, silver, gold and copper. I need more of these boxes, it’s difficult to find what I’m looking for right now, ’cause this boxes are really full of funny charms.

Unfortunately I bought the boxes at Stempel Mekka in Hagen/Germany, and I don’t remember the name of the company.

And… Oupps! There’s something wrong with this picture! Our big cosy cat Tindra LOVES to lay just right over the hole table. It’s cute, but all her HAIR at every piece is not cute. We have three lovely cats, and the second one; Mowgli, loves to sleep at my chair. The third one; Zpiky, loves to sleep at the visitors table when they are empty.

Thanks for stopping by.
I will show you more of my storage some other day. Is there any storage you are wondering about, just ask!

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2 Responses to “Some of my storage”


Älskar att kika på annans förvaring! Mest för att jag själv scrappar i ett skåp mer eller mindre…nåja, scrappa får jag göra på köksbordet men all förvaring har jag i ett litet oorganiserat skåp, blandat med diverse andra kontrosgrejer och pärmar mm. Ha det gott!

Reply by Milo Lilja, September 12th, 2012 at 02:45

Åh, så började jag oxå! Det är så jobbigt att ha det på köksbordet och inte kunna ha det framme jämt.

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